Having a damaged machine repaired is often the most cost effective option for many studios and private artists.

We are able to undertake this kind of work within our workshop and enjoy the challenge of resurrecting damaged machines. Examples of some of the repairs we have recently undertaken are illustrated below.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any damaged machines which you may wish to consider for repair.

Platen Bolts

Remade Albion and Columbian platen bolts and key to enable proper usage of press.


Repaired Roller
Roller repaired and made good, ready for delivery to its new location.

One of the worst damaged, single top rollers the company has ever seen. An abused Rochat Etching press which has had a coat hanger, screws, staples and coinage put though it. Note the penny has assumed the roller curvature and if you look closely you can see the portcullis on the reverse of the coin, impressed into the roller! Please note that it is not always possible to repair or rescue damaged rollers, but please feel free to contact us to discuss your machine.