The Harry F Rochat Ltd team are able to move and reinstall a wide range of fine art print and commercial print finishing equipment and we have a great deal of experience doing so, from removal and installation of single items, whole print departments at Colleges and Universities, to entire print finishing companies.

A great deal of planning is necessary to ensure swift and safe removal and installation of the machines. To facilitate this, close liaison with the site owner, Construction Project Managers, Universities, Colleges and members of the print community, is essential.

The necessary Risk Assessments are undertaken as a matter of course to make certain the correct equipment and controls are in place to ensure the safety of those involved, staff, students and members of the public.

Where the machines are to be left in store, they are left oiled and greased if requested. Otherwise the equipment will be left in the studio location set and level and ready for use or ready for electrician to wire in.

For further details regarding costings, please feel free to contact us for a quotation.