Top Roller Diameter254 mm10″
Bottom Roller Diameter406 mm16″
Size of Bed914 mm x 1524 mm36″ x 60″

This press has been designed to fill a demand for a machine of the highest possible workmanship and design. It is very strongly constructed for heavy professional use, yet can be worked with a minimum of effort. The rollers and bed are of close grained cast iron accurately machined. The roller bearings are bronze. The auxiliary shaft and hand wheel are carried on ball races. The gears are machine cut from solid and completely encased for safety. The press works noiselessly and smoothly, the heavy hand wheel maintaining a steady, even run through. This press incorporates all that is best in copper plate printing machines and is capable of producing a print of the highest possible standard.

Model no.Bed sizeDescriptionPrice
36 x 60914 mm x 1524 mm (36″ x 60″)Double Geared Etching Press
(Weight 1321 kg) 26 Cwt
Price on application
Handles shown are as examples, colour available may differ from that shown
All weights are approximate

36″ x 60″ press sent to Jerusalem Jan 21 1972