The 813 mm x 1372 mm (32″ x 54″) Double Geared Etching Press has been designed to print Imperial image size, whilst accommodating a larger sheet size.

The top roller is 203 mm (8″) in diameter. This ensures that the printing pressure is distributed evenly over as large an area as possible during printing. The high gear ratio and top roller drive helps to eliminate paper creasing and enables the printer to obtain perfect control and maximum print quality.

The 813 mm x 1372 mm (32″ x 54″) bed is 22 mm (7/8″) thick, (extended bed of 813 mm x 1651 mm (32″ x 65″) stress relieved, flattened and ground solid steel to provide a flat parallel surface on which to print and is supported by a bottom roller of 254 mm (10″) diameter to give maximum support to the bed and plate during printing. All gears are fully guarded.

The side frames are manufactured from cast iron, and are designed to withstand the tremendous pressures exerted whilst printing Intaglio.

The large diameter handwheel is also made from cast iron, and whilst it incorporates certain design strengths, acts as a flywheel, which when printing, helps to transmit the required energy, making the printing as smooth and as effortless as possible, while still retaining the sensitivity necessary to produce fine art.

This model can be supplied with and extended bed size of 813 mm x 1651 mm (32″ x 65″)

Model no.Bed sizeDescriptionPrice
32 x 54813 mm x 1372 mm (32″ x 54″)Double Geared Etching Press
(Weight 960 kg)
£ 12,415.00
32 x 65813 mm x 1651 mm (32″ x 65″)Double Geared Etching Press
(Weight 970 kg)
£ 12,942.00

All weights are approximate