The Nipping Press have been manufactured for book binding and strongly built, cast in the Birmingham foundry and the parts are machined and fitted in our works.

The Nipping Presses are designed for professional and private bookbinding use. The press has two machined cast iron platens, a cast iron cross head and cast iron ball weights. The presses are designed to be stable and produce the pressures required for professional quality book binding. In the past we have provided Nipping Presses to the British Libruary via Harrilds and Partners, for the restoration of delicate and valuable books.

The Nipping Presses are frequently used for small scale papermaking. This can be achieved with our nipping presses and have been used at a number of community projects.

Model no.Bed SizeDescriptionPrice
12 x 9 3/4304 mm x 247 mmCopying Press£   950.00
20 x 15508 mm x 381 mmNipping Press Daylight. 330 mm (13″)£ 1,981.00
24 x 18610 mm x 457 mmNipping Press Daylight. 330 mm (13″)£ 2,289.00
31 x 20787 mm x 508 mmNipping Press Daylight. 610 mm (24″)£ 2,654.00